ppt.helperis a CAT tool that helps language professionals translate MS PowerPoint presentations.

Compact and easy-to-use, ppt.helper is extremely effective and fast in handling presentations. It ensures terminological consistency and accuracy in any project, regardless of the size and language combination.

ppt.helper operates as a stand-alone application and is compatible with Trados, Wordfast and other professional language software packages.

  • VISIBLE translation process with the SLIDES function;
  • compatible with SDL TRADOS, WORDFAST etc.;
  • PREVIEW feature means full control over the translation;
  • source formatting is 100% preserved with the AUTOFIT function;
  • COMPLEX charts, handout master notes, etc. are effectively processed;
  • NO FINAL CLEAN-UP is required;
  • terms consistency is maintained with the CONCORDANCE function;
  • comprehensive and exact file STATISTICS;
  • indication of translation PROGRESS;
  • GLOSSARY is available
  • Google Translate and MyMemory free Translate is available

SL.software is pleased to introduce the upgraded version of ppt.helper V3.2!

-    The upgraded version includes MyMemory free translate option.

-    Goolge Translate API key support is added.

-    Performance improved.